Hassan II Mosque : A tour

mosque hassan iiFor today’s post , I am going to share with you my most favorite place in Casablanca , Morocco . I could spend all day discovering or just contemplating this Moroccan Masterpiece ! – A world wide record The Hassan II Mosque is It is the largest mosque in Morocco and Africa and the 7th largest in the world and is located in Casablanca, the economic and business capital of Morocco. -Architecture All of the granite, plaster, marbler , wood and other materials used in the construction, were extracted from around Morocco. And the beauty behind all of those patterns , fabrics , lights was a results of a great collective workshop of six thousand traditional Moroccan artisans worked for five years to create the abundant and beautiful mosaic, stone and marble floors and columns, sculpted plaster moldings, and carved and painted wood ceilings . – A spectacular location The mosque stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic ocean, where you can assist to an amazing sunset during the Prayer call . I can’t get enough of this place , every time I go to Casablanca I should visit it . I feel so proud that this great construction is a live legend of Moroccan / Islamic art . mosque hassan ii hassan ii mosque mosque hassan ii mosque hassan ii hassan ii mosque mosque hassan ii

On the road

Hello Everyone !

This is basically my last photography blog post in 2014 !

On our way to Bensliman city I took these pictures , for more pictures you can click here to see my recent blog post .

_MG_0116 IMG_0133 IMG_0179 IMG_0167 orange flower IMG_0145

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More posts to come in 2015 🙂

Peace سلام .

June/July Thoughts

June was so far a unique month ,why ? Because I decided to let my passion to show and give it a sort of freedom to not be just stocked  in several writing random papers and folders on my desk ! I decided to make my thoughts a reality , and let my pictures express my lifestyle and share it with other passionate people  ! So the right place for building this platform and community was WordPress . I think this website provides a huge opportunities to express your passion everywhere and anytime with different people in this globe !  

So in June , I posted my first blog post in WordPress ! , It was a travel article about Mogador city . I absolutely felt in love with this place and I wanted to share it with you !

And during July , I started  to post regularly and It becomes a real addiction ! I have been always motivated to share  and receive your feedback  .

I really look forward to carry on in this wonderful adventure , sharing with you my passion , discovering myself though my post and my pictures . I want to thank you for your support , your likes and your comments ! It have been always a huge pleasure reading your feedback , thoughts ..

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog posts and that you ‘re discovering something new ! and stay tuned for more posts to come !

Have a great day !