A fresh new start

Let’s welcome this year with some bright, vivid colors !

Today I choose to share with you my dear readers a collection of photographs that I took while a ago, in a beautiful and dreamy place.

I remember the day when I snapped those pictures. It was a warm autumn day, the sun was shinning in a such beautiful warm light that penetrate directly  my soul. It was a once in a life time feeling! The light wasn’t harsh at all, in fact it adds to the pictures a nice perspective. It helps the wild flowers to show their true colors. I couldn’t stop taking picture, I was totally amazed by this scenery, I was actually afraid to miss this unique moment.


Moroccan design patterns

Probably , When you visit Morocco ( especially the old cities : Fes , Marrakech , Rabat , …) , you’ll  definitely notice in different areas a collection of shapes , colors , patterns collected and organized in a very artistic and harmonic way .

// Shapes , and colors :

From neutral tones to vibrant shades , plus uncountable shapes . All those compositions can create a nice oriental atmosphere .

// Architecture and texture :

The geometric patterns could be found in ceramic , stone , plaster , wood , … and then transformed to decorate mirrors , ceilings , furniture , and doors .

// Historic background :

The influence of  Islamic art , and arabesque decoration  have been produced in the 7th century .

In Islamic countries , and particularly Morocco , geometric decoration has taken such a great importance .


 This picture is from Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca , Morocco