Photography challenge #3 : Birds

BIRDS photographyFor today’s photography challenge file , I challenged my speed abilities to catch those beautiful birds . 
birds sky birds sky birds sky

Hassan II Mosque : patterns

Today’s blog post is about various pictures of oriental and Islamic patterns of the Hassan II Mosque . If you want to know more about the background behind this wonderful heritage , I wrote a specific post about It

mosque hassn ii hassan ii mosque patterns Mosque Hassan II patterns hassan ii mosquemosque hassan ii

Lost in green

Those pictures were taken in the region of Bensliman , Morocco . ( click here to discover more about this city )

I named this file ‘lost in green’ , because in this period of time all the fields are totally green . I was amazed by this vibrant color , to the point that I felt ‘lost’ in the beauty of  those creations .

So I hope that I can transmit this amazing feeling , enjoy !


IMG_0163 IMG_0167IMG_0164

Moroccan design patterns

Probably , When you visit Morocco ( especially the old cities : Fes , Marrakech , Rabat , …) , you’ll  definitely notice in different areas a collection of shapes , colors , patterns collected and organized in a very artistic and harmonic way .

// Shapes , and colors :

From neutral tones to vibrant shades , plus uncountable shapes . All those compositions can create a nice oriental atmosphere .

// Architecture and texture :

The geometric patterns could be found in ceramic , stone , plaster , wood , … and then transformed to decorate mirrors , ceilings , furniture , and doors .

// Historic background :

The influence of  Islamic art , and arabesque decoration  have been produced in the 7th century .

In Islamic countries , and particularly Morocco , geometric decoration has taken such a great importance .


 This picture is from Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca , Morocco 


On the road

Hello Everyone !

This is basically my last photography blog post in 2014 !

On our way to Bensliman city I took these pictures , for more pictures you can click here to see my recent blog post .

_MG_0116 IMG_0133 IMG_0179 IMG_0167 orange flower IMG_0145

Thank you so much for you support !

More posts to come in 2015 🙂

Peace سلام .

Crescent Moon and a colorful sky !

Today’s night sky  in Morocco was so wonderful , a mixture of amazing colors and shades .

_MG_0141 _MG_0145 IMG_0133

And also the crescent moon was so clear and bright !

_MG_0152 collage

Have a great day !