One word that can reflect thousands of meanings …

Being in peace with others,  our surrounding, or just with ourselves and our mind. The third meaning can really affect the way we think, we behave and seeing things.

This word always happens to hit my mind

Because I really believe in peace and the fact that we can find it in the most simple things … Just looking deep in the sky, contemplating its colors, the shape of the clouds, the multiple hues that can contain …

Or just sitting in front of the ocean and look to the infinite line of the horizon and smelling the fresh salty odor of the air and let the weaves take us to a peaceful state of mind

I wish you Peace.


Spring vibes : red edition

I took those pictures , during my recent trip to Essaouira city . It was such an amazing , inspiring experience !

I will post my travel journey in this city , in the upcoming days so stay tuned !

Photography challenge #3 : Birds

BIRDS photographyFor today’s photography challenge file , I challenged my speed abilities to catch those beautiful birds . 
birds sky birds sky birds sky

The blue Lake

For today’s post , I decide to share with such an amazing area discovery  ! It is an enormous lake located in Morocco . I really admire the beautiful combination between the blue color of the sky and its reflection on the blue water . It is situated in a hot and dry area , I remember that It was an intense atmosphere … but Its surely worth it ! IMG_0710 IMG_0713 IMG_0718 IMG_0730Have a great day !