Moroccan design patterns

Probably , When you visit Morocco ( especially the old cities : Fes , Marrakech , Rabat , …) , you’ll  definitely notice in different areas a collection of shapes , colors , patterns collected and organized in a very artistic and harmonic way .

// Shapes , and colors :

From neutral tones to vibrant shades , plus uncountable shapes . All those compositions can create a nice oriental atmosphere .

// Architecture and texture :

The geometric patterns could be found in ceramic , stone , plaster , wood , … and then transformed to decorate mirrors , ceilings , furniture , and doors .

// Historic background :

The influence of  Islamic art , and arabesque decoration  have been produced in the 7th century .

In Islamic countries , and particularly Morocco , geometric decoration has taken such a great importance .


 This picture is from Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca , Morocco 



8 thoughts on “Moroccan design patterns

      1. I love the pride you take in your heritage and the joy with which you share it with us. It makes each new post wonderful.

        As to the designs, they are, of course, delightful and one of the artistic triumphs of Islam. You should Google images of ‘Celtic knots’ to find the ways that another culture interpreted the same idea. You’d be impressed, I think.

      2. I really appreciate every word that you said ! I am very impressed and honored that I can achieve to spread those good vibes through the blog …

        The Celtic knots patterns is such an amazing discovery . It’s always a good feeling to know that there is a common concept can link between different religions and beliefs .

        Thank you for this precious information , and as you said I am impressed .

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