June/July Thoughts

June was so far a unique month ,why ? Because I decided to let my passion to show and give it a sort of freedom to not be just stocked  in several writing random papers and folders on my desk ! I decided to make my thoughts a reality , and let my pictures express my lifestyle and share it with other passionate people  ! So the right place for building this platform and community was WordPress . I think this website provides a huge opportunities to express your passion everywhere and anytime with different people in this globe !  

So in June , I posted my first blog post in WordPress ! , It was a travel article about Mogador city . I absolutely felt in love with this place and I wanted to share it with you !

And during July , I started  to post regularly and It becomes a real addiction ! I have been always motivated to share  and receive your feedback  .

I really look forward to carry on in this wonderful adventure , sharing with you my passion , discovering myself though my post and my pictures . I want to thank you for your support , your likes and your comments ! It have been always a huge pleasure reading your feedback , thoughts ..

I hope that you enjoyed reading my blog posts and that you ‘re discovering something new ! and stay tuned for more posts to come !

Have a great day !



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